Who is this
program for?

Who is this
program for?

This program is for individuals who want to make the most of their 1 hour in the gym. The hour is fast-paced and involves a wide range of movements from monostructural to complex Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics skills.

Prior experience and instruction in these movements is recommended, as well as an understanding of how to appropriately scale movements and workouts to fit your ability level. This program is a great fit for individuals who desire to train for local competitions, or just to be better at life in a time-efficient way.

60 minutes,
5 days per week

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Training sessions are 60 minutes from warm-up to cool-down and are programmed 5 days per week. We also program an optional Active Recovery session once per week.


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We provide a library of instructional videos for warm-up and cool-down exercises as well as frequently programmed skills and drills.

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We provide parameters to help you choose weights and modifications that allows you to achieve the intended stimulus of each workout. We use RPE to guide your training in the intended metabolic zones.

Warm up and
cool down

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Warm-ups and cool-downs are programmed daily as part of your 60 minute session by Matt Stevens, DPT of Pure Physio. Video demonstrations of each exercise are provided.


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Quickly access your daily task list and log results in CrossFit® btwb. See the TRAIN leaderboard and your previous milestones to keep you motivated.


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Make the most of your time in the gym. Pre-programmed timers keep you on track during each training session so you are in and out of the gym in 60 minutes.


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We keep each other motivated and hold each other accountable. Join our engaged community of like-minded individuals who reach for both personal and fitness goals. We celebrate consistency every month with prizes.

Lifestyle tools
and support

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We provide you with tools to maximize your 23 hours outside the gym from nutrition to sleep, stress management, and recovery.

Being so limited on time and having a family to take care of, I don’t have much more than an hour to take for myself each day. The one-hour, structured programming that includes a warm-up and a cool-down is perfect for me.

The most challenging part for me since having our baby girl is carving out time for both me and my wife to find time to work out. That's one of the reasons I've started doing a lot more TRAIN sessions throughout the week.

I've never felt physically and mentally better in my life. Sleep, eat, TRAIN, repeat - these 3 words are the basis for a quality and happy life.


  • Where do I find the workouts?
  • Workouts are published daily on CrossFit® btwb, an online workout tracking platform, here on the Pursuing Health website, and on our private Train with Julie Foucher Instagram account at 8pm EST for the following day.

  • What is included in the daily workout?
  • Each day of training includes a structured warm-up, workout, lifting and/or skill session and cool down.

  • Is prior experience needed?
  • Yes. Participants should be familiar with most movements you’d see in a CrossFit affiliate. If you’re still working on pull-ups, handstand push-ups, muscle-ups, or double unders, have no fear. We provide guidance for modifying movements in each workout and routinely program skill work to increase your capacity in more challenging movements like these.

  • How do I access the timers?
  • A link to a pre-programmed timer is included with each workout session post in CrossFit® btwb and on the Pursuing Health website. These timers help you stay on track as you move through the warm-up, workout, and cool-down. You can display the timer from its webpage, or in the Seconds Pro app.

  • What equipment do I need?
  • In a perfect world you’d have all have the equipment below, but we understand that may not be the reality. We’ll do our best to provide equipment substitutions for each workout.

    - Barbell (45/35 lbs)
    - Bumper Plates (as needed)
    - Collars, pair
    - Kettlebells, pair (24 kg/16kg)
    - Dumbbells, pair (50/35 lbs)
    - Slam Ball (30/20 lbs)
    - Wallball (20/14 lbs)
    - Plyo Box (24/20 inches)
    - Squat Rack
    - Pull-up Bar
    - Jump Rope
    - Rings (for muscle-ups and ring dips)
    - Concept2 Rower
    - Abmat
    - Dip Bar
    - Sled (for pushing and pulling)
    - GHD
    - Rope (15 ft)
    - Assault Bike
    - PVC Pipe
    - Resistance Bands
    - Lacrosse Ball

    Most of the required equipment can be purchased from the Rogue Fitness website. Rogue produces high-quality American-made equipment at a fair price. This equipment can also be purchased used on eBay or Craigslist.

  • Can I still do the program if I don’t have all of the required equipment?
  • Absolutely. Most of the movements can be modified for equipment limitations. We provide alternative suggestions for all workouts using a bike, sled, and GHD as we know many members do not have access to this equipment.

  • Do I have to do the workouts on the programmed day?
  • No. Workouts can be done in any order and you can choose the days of the week to train that work best for your schedule.

  • What should I do if I miss a day or week of programming?
  • Move on. No sense in playing catch up. We understand that life happens or that you need to take a vacation. We’re in it for the long game, and one day or week of programming will not make a big difference. If you miss a day (or more) we recommend just cutting your losses and picking up with the rest of the group.

  • What should I do if I am going on vacation and don’t have access to equipment?
  • As a member of the Train with Julie Foucher program, you’ll also have full access to our Train for Life workouts and Morning5 sessions, which are great substitutes when you’re on vacation or have limited access to equipment.

  • What does the year of programming look like?
  • 2020 Yearly Outline

    November 2019 – October 2020

    Below is an outline of our programming phases for the coming year. The mission of the the TRAIN program is to provide busy individuals with the most efficient and effective online training program that supports long-term health and longevity. Our goal is not to produce competitive athletes, but to prepare members to be ready for anything life throws their way, any time of the year. However, we do recognize the benefit of having a goal to focus our training, and the CrossFit Games Open provides a natural target for us to work towards. The Open affords an opportunity for us to connect with the worldwide CrossFit community, test our personal progress, and re-evaluate our training goals. The cornerstone of our programming will always be general physical preparedness, but we will shape the remainder of our 60-minute training sessions to meet different goals depending on the time of year. Below is an outline of the four major phases of training we will complete and what you can expect with each:

    Refining Phase (November 17th – April 18th)

    22 Weeks/2 benchmark weeks + 5 four-week cycles

    The Refining Phase is an opportunity to build our aerobic base while we take a step back to refine our technique and work toward new skills. It’s easy to get caught up in competition and PRs, but we’re in this for the long haul – we want to be functional as we age well into our older years. In order to make that happen, significant time must be spent developing our oxidative energy system and making sure we are moving well before adding load or intensity. This takes time, and with our ultra-busy schedules we are often short on that precious resource. The bulk of our hour will still be filled with well-rounded GPP workouts including a variety of skills, time domains, and loading, and we’ll continue to test one benchmark workout per week throughout the Refining Phase.

    Benchmarks – 2 Weeks

    The first two weeks of the Refining Phase will include several baseline aerobic, anaerobic and strength workouts. This will provide us with parameters for appropriately modifying workouts during the rest of the season. We will continue to revisit these benchmarks throughout the season to monitor your progress and update your training parameters. These benchmarks are not meant to be stressful, but rather to give us an opportunity to establish baseline numbers.

    Lifting Cycle – 20 week cycle

    During the Refining Phase, our lifting cycles will develop strength in the basic lifts: back squat, front squat, deadlift, and press. We’ll use variations of each lift (e.g. tempo and pause squats, single leg RDL, and behind the neck presses) to increase our adaptation. We will also include “deload” weeks without these strength sessions – this will allow our bodies some time to recover and adapt.

    Gymnastics skills

    During the Refining Phase, our gymnastics work will be focused on developing positions and body awareness. Over the course of the 22 weeks, we will complete progressions for hollow and arch positions, handstands, muscle up transitions, pistols, L-sits, and jump rope skills.

    Olympic Lifting – 1 session per week

    We’ll incorporate one dedicated Olympic lifting session (either Clean and Jerk or Snatch) per week.

    Building Phase (April 19th – July 11th)

    12 weeks/3 four-week cycles

    After refining our technique, we will begin to add more load and volume in the major lifts and develop our body’s durability. The Building Phase will include 4-week strength cycles including the major squats, deadlift and shoulder press in a 7-5-3 rep scheme. We will also continue to build strength for gymnastics movements with strict weighted pull-ups and dips, and we will spend focused time on Olympic lifting each week. The core of the programming will continue to be GPP workouts covering the full gamut of weightlifting, gymnastics, and monostructural skills, and we will continue to test one benchmark workout per week.

    Acceleration Phase (July 12th – October 3rd)

    12 weeks/3 four-week cycles

    Once we have built a strong foundation of technique and strength, we will start to increase the intensity with the Acceleration Phase of the program. Here our lifting cycles will be completed with very little rest, but we will continue to see gains in strength in upper and lower body movements (FSQ, BSQ, DL, Pull-Up, Dip, and Overhead Press). We will spend time training more complex strict gymnastics movements (muscle-ups, handstand push-ups), Olympic lifting, and endurance every week. Our weekly benchmark workout tests during this phase will be largely composed of previous Open workouts as we approach the CrossFit Games Open season.

    Testing Phase (October 4th – November 14th)

    6 weeks

    The Testing Phase is the fun part – this is where we get to measure our progress over the past year. The Open workouts will be programmed as our weekly benchmark on Fridays, and we will spend a larger portion of the rest of our workouts during this phase focused on recovery. We will continue an abbreviated strength cycle to maintain our strength throughout the Open, and we will train the full spectrum of skills during this time period in our GPP workouts. The week after the Open will be a traditional “deload” week.

  • Do you offer any discounts?
  • Yes! We offer discounts for all active military personnel. Please email trainsupport@juliefoucher.com for details.

  • Can our affiliate use TRAIN?
  • Yes. However, the TRAIN with Julie Foucher is typically fast-paced and doesn’t allow much time for large-group instruction. You may wish to remove some components of the training session to fit into a traditional 60 min timeline with a full class.

  • How do I connect with other TRAIN members?
  • We have a very active private Facebook group filled with amazing members from all over the world.

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