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The resources on this website are made possible by the support of our community. We believe our current role as primary care physicians is to remain as unbiased as possible. We want to provide you with credible health and fitness information, and give you our unfiltered opinions without you having to wonder whether we’re receiving some sort of compensation behind the scenes. The only way we’re able to continue doing this is with the support of our subscribers. If you find some aspect of Pursuing Health to bring value to your own life, we’d love it if you could support us with a monthly donation in the amount you are able to afford.

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    • Access to daily workouts. All subscribers will gain access to our Morning5 sessions. Depending on your monthly subscription amount, you may also gain access to the Train for Life and Train with Julie Foucher workout programs. 
    • Access to our “Ask Us Anything” forum and subscribers-only podcast episodes. As a Pursuing Health subscriber, you’ll be able to submit and upvote questions you’d like to hear us answer on an upcoming “Ask Us Anything” Pursuing Health podcast episode that will be accessible to subscribers only.
    • Exclusive discount codes for products we truly believe in. We want you to get the best deals on products and services we love. Although we don’t receive compensation from these companies ourselves, we want to pass along the value of our endorsement to you in the form of exclusive subscribers-only discounts. We include discounts only for companies we truly believe in, who are aligned with our mission, and whose products or services we have used ourselves.

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