Whether I was watching 60-year-olds fight their way through events that would leave 20-year-olds gasping for breath, demonstrating events for the competitors alongside legends that inspired me to start my own CrossFit journey four years ago, or offering a quick “Good luck” to someone who had been a rival a year ago, the perspectives offered by my experiences at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games are irreplaceable.

CrossFit Games Masters Competition

CrossFit Games Masters Competition

I’d be lying to say that I didn’t feel a tinge of sadness over the course of the week or shed a tear or two behind my oversized sunglasses, but between those fleeting moments I was overwhelmed with a feeling of celebration.  Along with the impressive contingent of fans, volunteers, vendors, and support staff I celebrated the hard work of the CrossFit Games athletes and their representation of the Sport of Fitness. I sat back and once again reveled in this amazing movement called CrossFit and how it has changed all of our lives.

Having fun with the "Research + Demo" team

Having fun with the “Research + Demo” team

As I watched Saturday evening’s “2007” event unfold from temporary stands added to the top of the tennis stadium, I was struck by the quality of the view. I’m not sure what I was expecting – I had never actually watched an event from the stands of the StubHub stadium before, but for some reason I imagined that I would feel distant from the competition. However, even from these makeshift seats added due to the overwhelming demand for tickets, I felt close to the stadium floor. I could see the athletes progress through each round of pull-ups on Rogue’s A-frame rig setup.  I noticed their technique – beautiful butterfly pull-ups, the visible differences in limb lengths, and some athletes even using regular kips that were faster than the butterflies of their peers.  I watched and learned from these athletes who had sacrificed all year for this moment.

Not a bad seat in the house for The Cincos

Not a bad seat in the house for The Cincos

Perhaps it was because I had been there myself just a year ago, or perhaps my seat really wasn’t all that far away, but I like to think that watching the CrossFit Games offers a perspective unlike any other sporting event. Whether you are an athlete, fan, or volunteer, CrossFit has changed your life, or at least the life of someone close to you. As I encountered individuals in various volunteer, staff, and vendor roles throughout the week, I observed a common thread – although all were working incredibly hard and I could see hints of stress and fatigue on their faces, their happiness and passion for making the event a success was overwhelming. It was clear that there was no place in the world that these people would rather be than at the CrossFit Games, working hard as they do every day in their own boxes around the world.  Each of these individuals plays an integral role in making the CrossFit Games a true celebration – not only of the athletes in the stadium, but of those filling the stands, changing the equipment, and taking the photos and videos. After all, it’s  these athletes and this community that supports and inspires the athletes on the floor to expand the boundaries of human potential each year.

Sitting among family, friends, and fellow athletes as I viewed the CrossFit Games from many different perspectives this year, I realized that although the perspective of competitor is most reveled, when you’re with this community, there is truly not a bad seat in the house.

Perspective is both necessary and sufficient ground for wisdom. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

This post was originally published on June 27, 2014.

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