An Open Letter to my Supporters:

An Open Letter to my Supporters:

To my supporters,

It was almost ten years ago that I signed my first endorsement deal with Reebok after a successful showing at the 2010 CrossFit Games. Just as I was rapidly developing as an athlete in those first few years, the Sport of Fitness was quickly taking off, and it was an exciting time to be part of it. Over the next several years I would go on to form endorsement partnerships with a dozen-plus companies whose missions I aligned with and whose products and services I trusted and used myself. Since my “retirement” from competing in the CrossFit Games, I continued to benefit from the support of many of these companies and have received generous sponsorship support from others for my Pursuing Health podcast. 

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for this support, as it played a tremendous role in allowing me to train and compete in the CrossFit Games for so many years while also supporting my husband Dani and I through our medical training.  

However, I’ve since transitioned away from my career as a competitive athlete and am preparing to begin my next chapter as a family physician. I do not take my role as a physician lightly, and I feel strongly about the need to remain as unbiased as possible in order to foster trust with my community and future patients. 

Therefore, I’ve made the decision not to accept any sponsorship or endorsement compensation from companies from this point forward. 

Yes, I may be “leaving money on the table” in the form of social media influencer ad compensation or affiliate income from promoting certain products, but to me, the ability give you my unfiltered, transparent opinion without any concern for conflict of interest is invaluable. 

I never want you to wonder whether I’m talking about a product or service because I truly believe in it, or just because it’s helping me pay the bills. 

So, will I continue to recommend products and services to you that I think have the potential to improve your health and quality of life? 

Yes, absolutely! 

Refusing to accept compensation from companies for my endorsement will allow me to give you my unfiltered opinion about a wide range of products and services – good, bad, and indifferent. This will allow me to use my medical and fitness expertise to help you sort through the noise that’s out there so you can spend your own money wisely on products and services that are data-backed and of the highest quality. 

In fact, I’m going one step further to provide subscribers of Pursuing Health exclusive discount codes to companies I truly believe in, who are aligned with the Pursuing Health mission, and whose products or services I’ve used myself. 

So, rather than receiving compensation from companies myself, the value of my endorsement goes straight to Pursuing Health subscribers. I won’t accept even a penny from companies behind the scenes. 

We’re lucky to have already curated an extensive list of discount codes from companies I have worked with and can vouch for, and this list will only continue to grow. 

Check out our list of companies here and subscribe today for less than the cost of an almond-milk latte every month to take advantage of their generous discounts. It is my intent that you will save more than you contribute as a subscriber by taking advantage of these deals!

By becoming a Pursuing Health subscriber, not only will you receive exclusive discounts to companies I love, but you will also gain access to:

Depending on your level of contribution, you may also gain access to: 

  •       TRAIN for Life – A 30 minute, 5 day per week at-home workout program for anyone
  •       TRAIN with Julie Foucher – My comprehensive 60 minute, 5 day per week training program 

This all being said, Dani and I work hard behind the scenes on the Pursuing Health podcast, website content, training programs, and social media, but we also have full-time jobs and could never do all of this alone. If you’ve found ANYTHING that we do to be helpful or to have positively impacted your life in some way, it would mean a lot to us if you would consider subscribing to Pursuing Health for a monthly amount that seems reasonable to you. 

Since we’ve made this decision not to accept sponsorship money from companies, the only way we can do what we do and continue to improve is with your support. 

Thank you again so much for your continued support of Dani, myself, and our Pursuing Health mission. Whether it’s an email, a social media comment, a quick “hi” at an event, or a monthly contribution, your support means the world to us. We know we’re swimming upstream when it comes to improving the lifestyle and health of our population, but together we can do so much more. I can’t wait to continue to grow our Pursuing Health community and accomplish great things together in 2020 and beyond.


Julie Foucher-Urcuyo, MD, MS

This post was originally published on March 3, 2020.

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Jeronimo Garcia
Jeronimo Garcia

Julie and Dani, I just read this letter and I should say that this change in the perspective of Pursuing Health is not only brave but it set a high standard in the principles you both are trying to communicate. I don’t need to wish you good luck, because you don’t need it. Good things always are contagious. Congratulations to all your team.

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